do you understand the 3 principles but are

looking for a breakthrough?


Perhaps it’s a health or relationship issue or a dilemma in your business or career?
Or perhaps you have been a ‘seeker’ all of your life and still not quite found what you’ve been looking for?

Take a moment and stop and think about what it would be like if you could finally end the search for that magic formula.

No more
  • Tools and techniques.
  • Working on your self
  • Trying to be connected to your spouse
  • Struggling and worrying to try and come up with solutions to grow your business or navigate your career.

What if you could actually begin to see insights for yourself that could transform every aspect of your life?

Hi, my name is John El-Mokadem

Hi, my name is John El-Mokadem, and I am living proof that it is possible to end the search and experience the breakthroughs that you are seeking.
Some of these probably sound familiar:
You’ve been a personal development ‘junkie’ for years and have spent thousands looking for that magic bullet.  You may have tried NLP, traditional coaching, therapy, or other interventions.  Sometimes it feels like you make progress, but sometimes you don’t.  So you end up locked in a cycle of looking for the next magic solution and the search never seems to end.

You’ve heard about the Three Principles, and seen the breakthrough results that they have enabled others to make, but no matter how hard you try to ‘get it’, you still feel frustrated because you just haven’t seen any major changes yourself.

Perhaps you are beginning to lose hope that you will ever see a breakthrough with the thing that you have been struggling with.

If any of this sounds true, then I can resonate:

I had ongoing problems of feeling extremely depressed, and suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. I tried all sorts of things to feel better including CBT, NLP and coaching, but none of it really helped.

I struggled with a relationship issue for years that kept me in a cycle of breaking up and getting back together with the love of my life. I was desperate to end the painful rollercoaster but I just couldn’t see how to stop it.

Although I was good at my job as an IT Consultant, I felt unfulfilled and like it lacked purpose. I wanted to build a coaching practice but struggled and couldn’t really get any traction.

I had suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 7 years, and although I had made some progress, my life was still limited by debilitating symptoms that I just couldn’t seem to shake off, and I frequently found myself having difficulty working or even doing the simplest of things without huge amounts of worry about whether I would have the energy to follow through.

As part of my seeking I found out about the Three Principles and became really curious. Something about what I was hearing made a lot of sense to me, and I could see that many people were finding the success, transformation and peace of mind that I sought too.

I immersed myself in the understanding and enrolled in a 1 year coaching apprenticeship with Michael Neill, a well-known Three Principles Practitioner, to really deepen my understanding.

The effects this had on my life were transformative

anxiety breakthrough

The panic attacks went away and I experienced levels of wellbeing that I don’t think I had ever experienced in my life. Without tools and techniques and feeling like I had to do continually practice something. It was a profound change for me.

SPIRITUAL breakthrough

I began to see a profound truth about who we are at our core – a truth that put my own suffering into a perspective that enabled me to be able to see that underneath our human challenges we are all innately resilient and whole.

health breakthrough

My chronic fatigue turned around within 7 weeks of an insight I had that helped me see the link between my state of mind and my physiology. I now do everything that ‘normal’ people do, and even got back to training in the gym, something I hadn’t been able to do since I became unwell.

business breakthrough

I grew a coaching practice, something that I had been trying to do for so long, and yet I wasn’t even trying to at the time! In fact I had actually gone back to an IT career and had found myself enjoying that too!

creativity breakthrough

I found myself more creative, with more options for work on the table than I had ever seen. It was like my eyes had been opened – these were opportunities that had been around me for so long and yet I had closed myself off to them. A deeper understanding of the Principles helped me to see what was really available to me.

relationship breakthrough

My relationship with my wife stabilised and the cycles of breaking up and getting back together stopped altogether.

to say

the principles transformed my life is an understatement


Since learning about the Principles, I have seen this understanding create the same breakthrough levels of transformation with my clients, sometimes remarkably quickly. I have seen:

Longstanding (as in 5 yearpanic and anxiety literally fall apart after a 30 minute coaching session.

Clients affected with chronic fatigue for 23 years making a full recovery in just 2 months, with nothing more than a deeper understanding of the Three Principles.

Businesses turned around and relationships deepened.

People transform from being adrenaline fuelled and burned out to calmer and more resilient in a remarkably short space of time, despite finding themselves in trying circumstances.

so if you

haven’t yet seen the results you were looking for…


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