looking for a breakthrough?

Perhaps it’s a health or relationship issue or a dilemma in your business or career?
Or perhaps you have been a ‘seeker’ all of your life and still not quite found what you’ve been looking for?

Take a moment and stop and think about what it would be like if you could finally end the search for that magic formula.

No more
  • Tools and techniques.
  • Working on your self
  • Trying to be connected to your spouse
  • Struggling and worrying to try and come up with solutions to grow your business or navigate your career.

What if you could actually begin to see insights for yourself that could transform every aspect of your life?

Hi, my name is John El-Mokadem

Hi, my name is John El-Mokadem, and I am an International Breakthrough Coach based in the UK. I have spent the last 14 years working professionally as a coach and learning from some of the top success and performance coaches from around the world, studying and exploring what enables us to really be at our best.  My coaching practice now focuses on helping my clients to experience breakthroughs in every area of their lives, whether that be business related issues or more personal concerns such as relationships, health or mental and physical wellbeing.  

Some of these probably sound familiar:
You may have been seeking change for years and have spent thousands looking for that magic bullet.  You may have tried NLP, traditional coaching, therapy, or other interventions.  Sometimes it feels like you make progress, but sometimes you don’t.  So you end up locked in a cycle of looking for the next magic solution and the search never seems to end.

Perhaps you are beginning to lose hope that you will ever see a breakthrough with the thing that you have been struggling with?

If any of this sounds true, then I can resonate:

I myself have struggled in the past with health (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), relationship and career issues and tried all sorts of things to feel better including CBT, NLP and coaching, but none of it really helped.  Five years ago I stumbled across a new approach to understanding how our minds work, without the need for tools and techniques and it changed everything.  Life was no longer such a struggle, the CFS diagnosis fell away, my relationship with my wife improved dramatically and my career took on an amazing energy of it’s own, that felt more effortless than ever.  Even better I was able to start replicating these results with clients.

This summer I wanted to test the efficacy of my work by completing an academic research study on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the results of which have been truly amazing and will shortly be submitted to an academic journal.  Many participants on the study are now back to living normal lives after long periods with severe restrictions.

The transformations I get to witness in my coaching work are often life changing and I never take this for granted and feel truly privileged to be able to serve. 


The area this understanding can impact are endless:

Phobia & Addiction breakthroughs

Unhelpful patterns of behaviour fall away when clients gain deep personal insight.  It simply does not make sense for them to continue as they have.  No willpower and no tools required.

SPIRITUAL breakthrough

Clients wake up to see a profound truth about who we are at our core – a truth that puts our own suffering into perspective that enables them to be able to see that underneath our human challenges we are all innately resilient and whole.

health breakthroughs

I have worked with individuals to help them make breakthoughs with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (ME), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, OCD, and Allergies.

business breakthrough

Results are far more effortless and navigating challenging situations no longer seems as daunting or stressful. 

creativity breakthrough

Clients report being able to problem solve and create more easily and with less effort.  

relationship breakthrough

Many clients come to me wanting to break up with their partner/spouse.  If this does occur clients find themselves far more resilient and at peace with this decision.  However often clients are able to resolve their differences and appreciate their partner more and utilise the understanding to create lasting change.

True Transformation

The power of Breakthrough Coaching is endless. I have seen:

Longstanding (as in 5 yearpanic and anxiety literally fall apart after a 30 minute coaching session.

Clients affected with chronic fatigue for 23 years making a full recovery in just 2 months, with nothing more than a deeper understanding of the Three Principles.

Businesses turned around and relationships deepened.

People transform from being adrenaline fuelled and burned out to calmer and more resilient in a remarkably short space of time, despite finding themselves in trying circumstances.

so if you

haven’t yet seen the results you were looking for…

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