Are you feeling stuck in your life?

Maybe you are struggling with a lack of direction?

A problem with relationships?

A general feeling of dissatisfaction or worry?

Perhaps you are wrestling with a creative project that you just can’t quite get off the ground?

Or you are struggling to grow your business?

What If There Was ONE Misunderstanding That Was At The Heart Of Every Challenge?

How we work

One to One

Clients may come to us with a particular issue and want to work one to one.  This can either take place over the internet for a period of time or can be a 2 and a 1/2 day intensive at a mutually agreed location.  Packages are bespoke but typically we find a six session package provides significant movement in the area a client may be struggling with.

Group Programmes

We also offer many different group programmes, dealing with various different areas of life. Similarly these can be online or face to face.  Please visit our Events page for more details of our latest programmes.

“Whatever you believe to be right with you, this event will re-inforce your self-belief in that, whatever you believe to be not right with you, this event will make that view seem irrelevant to your happiness and success in life. a seriously life-enhancing experience not to be missed.” October 2017 Bringing the Best of Ourselves.

“With his warm and engaging conversation John deeply listens but has a knack of pointing you back to where your experience comes from. His style of coaching is tangential to ‘traditional’ styles of coaching and I found my brain being ‘short circuited’ on my first session! But from that place of settled down thinking emerged a beautiful and quiet wisdom. As a direct result I have experienced massive leaps in both my feelings of calm and wellbeing and also in my professional performance. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” K.D. Commercial Airline Pilot, United Kingdom

“Attending the weekend event was one of the best things I have ever done…The weekend has helped me to find the freedom to live, enjoy and fulfil adventures and experiences that in the past I never dreamed would be possible to do.” July 2017 UK Event July 2017 Bringing the Best of Ourselves Event