At Breakthrough That we teach individuals a foundational understanding of how the mind works. This understanding has huge implications for clients across health, personal and business issues and impacts the mentee in often a profound and very personal way.

We work with mentees to really deepen their grounding in this approach, so they can see for themselves the freedom and power that lies in this space. There are no shortcuts to this learning. It is a journey where the mastery of your craft deepens alongside your level of understanding.  It is through this journey that mentee’s can find their own artistic and authentic way of helping others in their own coaching practice.

The difference between a good coach and a great coach, is the degree to which they can connect and be truly present with their clients and point them to a truthful understanding of how the Mind really works.
Mentorship Programmes

We offer a variety of mentorship programmes to help students gain a solid grounding in the Principles behind transformation, along with the business side of running a coaching practice.  These can be take place with just one of our mentor coaches or can include a selection to give you different unique perspectives and insight, into not only our approach but also how we see our work with clients and what was behind us building our practices. We typically work with our mentees over a period of 3-9 months, but this is dependent on the mentee and where they are on their journey.

What A Mentorship Covers


We will work with you to develop your:

–        Grounding in how the mind works

–        Understanding of what is behind every client challenge

–        Fees & Packages

–        Ability to find new clients

–        Ability to Talk to groups; corporate and ‘private’

–        Skill around intake

–        Ability to run client intensives

–        Ability to Listen beyond the words

…And anything else that would help you create a thriving practice!


Some of our mentor coaches also work on the teaching faculty for group training programmes such as Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy training the next generation of Certified Transformative Coaches.
Mentorship Packages

9 month mentorship in breakthrough coaching

x3 two and a half day intensives (7.5 days)

One coaching session a month

One supervision session a month

Unlimited email communication

Cost: £14750

(plus travel expenses if intensives are held at our venue)

3 month Introduction to Breakthrough Coaching

1x a two and a half day intensive

1x 60 minute coaching session a month for 3 months



Cost: £3950

(plus travel expenses if intensives not held at our venue)

“John El-Mokadem is a born teacher and a wonderfully gifted coach. He stands as a quiet but unwavering advocate for the power of a spiritual understanding in transforming the mind and body and creating results in the world.”

Michael Neill - bestselling author of “The Inside-Out Revolution”