Are you struggling with:–

– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or M.E – Myalgic Encephelomyelitis)
– Fibromyalgia
– Chronic Lyme
– Chronic Pain,
– Anxiety and depression
– Migraines

Is Your Life Feeling Limited By A Chronic Health Condition?

We often think of the physical body and mind as being two separate and distinct things.  As a result when we get physically sick, we tend to look for solutions outside of ourselves to correct symptoms or imbalances.  There is definitely a place for this.  In the UK alone, the average lifespan has increased by 11 years in the last 44 years and a huge part of this is undoubtedly because of the innovations in medications and supplementation.

“I know from my time on CFS forums that there are people who want this disease to be incurable, and will say that anyone who has recovered was misdiagnosed. The politics of having a debilitating condition that wasn’t taken seriously by most people in the medical profession for decades are fierce, and feelings run high. They would look at what I’ve written and say that I’m saying that CFS is all in the mind. That really isn’t it. The inflammation, the pain, the heaviness and the weird neurological stuff that made people think I was drunk when I was tired – they were real. But they aren’t dominating my life any more, and they are receding. I am getting me back. My creative instincts and my sense of humour are returning. And I’m so grateful.”

Nicky C, CFS Sufferer

The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

But there’s a problem – many of us are living with symptoms of chronic syndromes. We’re living longer but we are more symptomatic than ever. In our experience, and from our own healing journey’s it looks like we are forgetting a very important piece of the puzzle – that where we live mentally has a profound effect on the body’s biochemistry.

We feel more pressure than ever to get somewhere – to perform, to achieve, and create more. We even feel pressured to be well and free of symptoms. In and of themselves those are not bad things, but when they are being pursued from the perspective that they will somehow bring us happiness or wellbeing, we enter a place of resistance to ourselves and our lives. There’s a biology to that resistance – it’s triggered by the body’s fight/flight response. It has a biochemical reaction that over time can throw our hormones and neurotransmitters into disarray, impair our immunity, trigger inflammatory processes, tension and pain.  The result? We begin to live in a place of chronic stress and our bodies becomes tired and symptomatic. We pick up labels for syndromes like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Irritable Bowel.

“Our health and wellbeing is like a bucket.  When the bucket has no leak it holds it’s contents well.  But when it develops a leak, sickness appears.  We’ve gotten really good at topping up the bucket.  But how much better might we feel if we just plugged the leak?”
Finding Your Healing Zone

Professor Leslie J Findley, MD, MRCS, DRCOG, DCH, FRCP (Consultant Neurologist with Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust), speaking on Radio 4 in 2007, suggested that “any treatment which reduces the stress response will improve chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions”.

The work we do looks to target the source of those psychological tigers. We are not doctors or medical practitioners. We simply help our clients towards seeing and experiencing a level of wellbeing that transcends their circumstances and situations. In so doing, the by-product of this is that it can begin to help undo a person’s chronic resistance to their lives and symptoms. This allows that fight/flight response to begin to calm down, which in turn can allow for that space of natural healing to arise.

Health Breakthrough coaching is conducted by John El-Mokadem, Karen Di Marco and Nicola Bird.  All overcame their own health challenges using this approach, and John and Karen were responsible for putting together a recent randomly controlled trial to test the efficacy of their approach with sufferers of Chronic Fatigue.  This paper is now being written up and prepared for journal submission with a view to hopefully having it be published.  Whilst it is important to realise that individual results do vary, you can see some from some of the client stories below that some of the recoveries that were witnessed on that programme were truly remarkable.

We offer a variety of different programs to direct our clients to this healing space.  These include one to one coaching, 2.5 day intensives, group trainings like the Foundations Of Health Program, and retreats like ‘A Quiet Mind’.

Prices begin from £350 for online programs.  All other programs are bespoke to the needs of the client and are determined following a complementary 30-45 minute Blindspot session.

Client Breakthrough Stories:




T.D. United Kingdom. Anxiety & Depression Sufferer for 20 years

“I started working with John at a particularly difficult time in my life. I had suffered from anxiety and depression for over 20 years and had found my world becoming smaller and smaller. I was stuck in a very dark place when we met but found that each time I spoke to John he would flick a switch in my brain enabling me to see things very differently. I found John to be extremely kind, patient and understanding. He could see quite clearly how my thinking was tripping me up, enabling me to look at how I was using my thinking to create my own experience. I can say with all honestly that John genuinely wanted to help ease my suffering and went out of his way to support me in between coaching sessions. Since working with John the depression has lifted and I have started living my life again. My mind has quietened and I am feeling calmer once more, being able to let go of worry and control. I would recommend John to anyone who is currently feeling ‘stuck’ in any form of anxiety, worry or low mood, who is looking to understand how their thinking and life really works. Thank you John”

J.W. USA, Lyme Disease .

“John is a rare treasure in my book. Just being in his presence always makes a shift in my day. I find myself being myself and at ease around him. He is wonderful to work with. John is intuitive and wise and knows how to get the best out of people. He was patient with me and kind. He always knew exactly what to ask me to uncover the Truth. Through my time working with John, I was able to see more and more Truth about the human experience and put old stories and illusion that had been long overdue, to rest. With each conversation with John I was able to relax into the Truth. Our most recent conversation left me in awe. He was able to help me bring an old belief system to the light. I’m a coach and healer myself and I couldn’t even see it because it was my blind spot, but John could. It made an enormous shift in the way I saw the world. If you want a supportive, big hearted human in your court to help you step into the Truth of who you are, to help you remember Peace, then John is your guy. I am forever grateful to have met him and worked with him and owe so much of my healing to him. Thank you John!”

C.B. United Kingdom. Chronic Fatigue Sufferer.

“It’s ME Awareness Day and so I have the perfect opportunity to thank the incredible John El-Mokadem. I worked with him on a research study which led to my full recovery. At the start of the study, I listed things that seemed impossible to do. 8 weeks later, I had tears of gratitude pour down my face as I realised not only had I done them, but they seemed irrelevant as I no longer feel restricted. If anyone with ME is reading this, speak to him! I will be forever grateful to you, John.”

A.S Chronic Fatigue Sufferer

“John is a warm, caring coach with a calm and grounded approach that has allowed me to explore some deep fears and worries in a completely safe space. He has remarkable insight and sees the innate health in his clients – his certainty allowed me to open up to experiencing that wellness for myself. I would recommend John to anyone suffering with a chronic health condition, or anyone wanting a better experience of life.”

J-A. M CFS Sufferer.

“You have given me back my life and for that I will be eternally gratefully. My children now have a mother and my husband, a wife and that is huge. What an incredible journey it has been. From day one I was lucky enough to be given proof of everything you were saying which made believing you so easy. I knew that this was going to be the thing that would ‘make’ me better and I wasn’t wrong!! Every now and then I feel myself welling up, I just can’t believe I’m better! I went for a 5km on Friday, I’ve never done that in my life! Funny I never actually ran before I was sick but when you “can’t” do something it makes you want to do it even more. I joined a running group on Facebook a while ago as I thought it might inspire me while I was “sick”. I can now call myself a runner”.