The old paradigm of working is making us sick, uninspired, disconnected and unresourceful, with ever increasing demands, targets and workload.  It is no longer enough to simply go through the motions.  To keep ‘pushing’ through and wonder why sales, productivity and employee health are not where we want them to be. Organisations need to change and they need to provide their people with the means to thrive in the competitive, fast moving modern business environment.

We can help. Breakthrough That teaches clients a new way of understanding how the mind works.  This provides a solid foundation and allows individuals to get the very best out of their skills and experience much more frequently.  This understanding has the potential to positively impact across the board and allow an organisation to truly thrive


Our Approach

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

We do not teach tools and techniques, we do not instruct, skills train or enforce new ways of working.  Instead we educate, we inspire, we prod and get right to the heart of the blockers affecting your business.  Most importantly we help our clients see the power of a clear mind and where it comes from.  Because from this space, change happens.  When clients really understand the mind, they find their own solutions with clarity and ease. Employees are naturally more productive, creative, connected, healthy and resilient despite their changing external circumstances.  This leads to a place where health, performance, creativity and problem solving are more natural and effortless.  

How we work

We offer a wide range of packages for business coaching and specialise in personal effectiveness, resilience and creating healthy workforces.  Our coaching programmes are totally bespoke and we offer one to one, group programmes and speaking engagements at conferences and events.

Course Examples:


  • Promoting health and resilience in the workplace
  • Inspired leadership
  • Effective decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Sales
  • People management
  • Corporate Wellbeing

“Transformational is a powerful description and in my opinion commonly overused, but the two and a half days I spent in intensive 1:1 coaching with John proved to be truly transformational. The massive change in my state of mind that has followed has led to a level of clarity, peace and contentment which is beyond anything I could have hoped for. I’ve experienced more joy, more fun and the greatest sense of calm I’ve felt in years. I have been able to navigate what would otherwise have seemed like some pretty challenging and stressful situations, in both a professional and a personal context, with more grace than I would have thought possible. I cannot recommend John highly enough.”


Company Director

“Over the last 13 years I have had the opportunity to work with hundred of coaches, John is without doubt one of the best. He is equipped with all the fundamentals which in my mind make a great coach, he is empathetic, curious, challenging, non judgmental and most of all listens well enough to actually SEE the person he is coaching. John has found a way to use his considerable intellect in harmony with his intuition which means I always feel I am having a conversation rather than being at the receiving end of a formulaic coaching process. Whilst he has numerous qualifications, models, books, theories, courses at his disposal he is not attached to any of them, choosing instead to focus in the moment on the conversation and the person he is with. John is all the stronger for recognising his own human frailties, and has real courage in offering real person experiences that help him connect to the people he works with. As director of Zoom, having worked with over 80 companies around the world, I would always recommend John to anyone truly seeking to make a transformation in there personal and professional life.”

B.H Business Owner, UK.