Think about what really creates change with human beings.  Is it a tool or a technique?  These can work, but the effects are often temporary, and require a lot of work and effort that over time can actually undermine the intention for doing them.

What we see is that the real engine of change is insight.  It’s the moment that a person see’s life or their circumstances from a completely different perspective.  One that is more truthful and in alignment with how things really work. That’s where we come in – we share an understanding with our clients that helps them to see their life, relationships, health and businesses from a clearer perspective – one that organically leads to insight and lasting change.

The real engine of change is insight.  No tools or techniques.  Just a clearer understanding of how the mind works.

There are no tools and techniques to practice or remember, and it simply involves a conversation which takes place either face to face or virtually over a short period of time. It helps people settle down into a natural space of wellbeing, where performance, creativity and problem solving are effortless. It’s also a foundational piece in allowing clients the potential to make recoveries from physical health challenges. For example, we have seen chronic illnesses like CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme and Migraines fall away. With others, it has provided a base that has helped to make their medication and supplement regimes work far more effectively.

But don’t take our word for it! Our client testimonials are far better at explaining the impact of what we do.

Julie-Anne - CFS Sufferer

“You have given me back my life and for that I will be eternally grateful. My Children now have a mother and my husband, a wife and that is huge”

Sarah - Business Coaching

“Transformational is a powerful description and in my opinion commonly overused, but the two and a half days I spent in intensive 1:1 coaching with John proved to be truly transformational. I have been able to navigate what would otherwise have seemed like some pretty challenging and stressful situations, in both a professional and a personal context, with more grace than I would have thought possible. I cannot recommend John highly enough.”

C.B. - CFS Sufferer

“I no longer feel limited or hindered by my health in doing what I want to do. Moreover, I have already told a number of close family and friends that I consider myself to be fully healed. In such a short amount of time and after suffering with this illness for so many years.”

Rebecca - CFS Sufferer

“Thank you! I am so grateful I think it’s just hit me suddenly. I’ve done it. I’ve got my life back”

Trudie - 20 Year Anxiety Sufferer

“Since working with John the depression has lifted and I have started living my life again. My mind has quietened and I am feeling calmer once more, being able to let go of worry and control.”