Into The Unknown…

A Six Month Mentoring Program

Performance, Wellbeing And Health

Course starts 28th June 2019

Photo – Kiket Bay, La Conner, Washington, USA

How Would Your Life Change?

If you could actually be comfortable in the unknown?

If you could see that it was the source of potential in EVERY area of your life?

My experience of the mentoring programme with John was without doubt the most profound, transformative and useful learning experience of my life so far.

What I received was so much more beautiful, richer, truer than anything I could have imagined.. and I have previously done just about every other training imaginable in personal development.

The feeling of wellbeing and calmness has remained and new insights just keep coming in waves,.

This has and is impacting positively most aspects of my life, my relationships, my work, my family, my well being…

Whoever you are, wherever you are in your life, you need this… whether you know it or not.

Thank you John and Linda
Barry X

P.S. Its also been very funny at times, we’ve laughed a lot!

Barry Holmes

Managing Director, Zoom Creates Ltd.

What Is It?

The unknown – it’s a place which so many of us are uncomfortable dwelling and which we are quick to try and get ourselves out of. But what if we could actually learn to be comfortable dwelling there, and what if we could insightfully see that actually it was the source of our greatest potential in every area of our lives and work?

“Into The Unknown” is a 6 month exploration of that aims to help us uncover just how naturally resilient we are, and see the potential of the unknown, and how everything that we seek, in every area of our lives is actually to be found there.

John El-Mokadem and former Into The Unknown attendee Katie Vallance talk about the safety and potential of the unknown.

Would You Like To Experience?

A deeper sense of peace, wellbeing and comfort in your own skin

A greater understanding of how your mind and physical health are intimately connected

A natural resilience in the face of life’s challenges

Deeper more connected relationships

Effortless Creativity

Problem Solving with ease

A natural ability to share your understanding and make a greater, positive impact on others

With warmth, compassion and humility John has an amazing ability to see under the hood of your experience and to reorientate you to something deeper and more true.  Despite having some tricky events happening during the course I have come away from the mentoring course feeling more at ease, more connected AND more productive.  I have moved passed blocks that looked solid and real and have had to remind myself of some of the things that previously looked impossible to me!

Without doubt I would wholeheartedly recommend John’s course to anyone who wants to see profound and lasting changes in their lives.


Commercial Airline Pilot

Course Outline

Comfort in the Unknown – Immersion 1 28th-30th June 2019 with John El-Mokadem*
(Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK)

Here we will explore how a simple misunderstanding of how the mind and the human experience works can get in the way of us settling down into a natural space of well-being and comfort in our own skin.  The aim is to get you to glimpse that space for yourself, and for you to begin to see the relationship between that space and the greater potential within you.

Into The Unknown: 19-21st (NOTE NEW DATES) October 2019 3 Days, La Conner, USA with Dr. George & Linda Pransky & John*

Led by George and Linda Pransky, we will spend 3 days in La Conner in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. We will settle into that space of deeper potential, allowing it to direct our exploration and for us to see the natural unfolding of it’s creativity in real time.  It will be settling, transformative and insightful, and further help us to gain insights into the nature of who we are and how we really work.

From The Unknown: 6-7th December, 2019 2 days. Kent, UK with John*

In this final event, we will come together to explore what we have seen for ourselves in the last 6 months.  The aim is for us to revisit what has changed for us personally and for us to have an experience within the safety of our group of seeing how effortless it can be for us to share our understanding and create impact with others.

Also Included:

4 Group Calls With John El-Mokadem, George Pransky, Linda Pransky & A Special Guest

4 One to One calls and Unlimited Email Access with John for the 6 months

Extensive Audio & Video Resources from John El-Mokadem & Dr. George Pransky

£4995 per person (Inc. UK VAT – non EU sales exempt).

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL £4245.75 (Inc. UK VAT – non EU sales exempt)

BONUS: 2 x 45 minute One To One Calls with John El-Mokadem for sign-ups before 31st May

INSTALMENT PLAN – 6 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF £850 (£708.33 excluding VAT for non EU residents) – Contact us using the form below.  

*Accommodation, travel and living expenses are not included.  Refreshments during the immersion events are included.

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How to articulate this mentoring programme without loosing the essence of how insightful it was and how you are left with an incredible feeling of gratitude that you signed up to it even though there was a lot of thinking around if it was the right thing to do in the first place.

I have noticed (without doing anything to make this happen) how I show up differently as a coach and parent. Fresh insights keep coming as I have a deeper level of understanding of how the mind works. Going from someone who has always been a seeker and feels they have stuff to resolve to now knowing there is really nothing to fix ! How cool is that!

A huge thank you to John and all the wonderful people who were part of this special experience.


Natasha x


Professional Coach


What days do the group calls happen and are they recorded?

The monthly group calls take place every second Wednesday at 8pm GMT (12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 9pm Europe).  All calls are recorded and will be made available within 24 hours.

Are payment plans available?

Yes payment plans can be agreed.  Please contact us using the form above.

Will this training help me become a coach?

This is not a fully fledged coach training and includes no elements of supervision and no specific modules around how to effect change with others.  However, as a topic we will look to understand more about how change occurs with clients.  Some previous mentees did add  on to their mentorship program an element of coaching supervision, and should this be of interest, this can be discussed with each individual on a case by case basis.  Where coaching supervision is agreed, this will be with John El-Mokadem only.