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Being on the course with the two of you and with my amazing, courageous, friendly, open and hilarious fellow Foundationers has been a delight. It has been true, real, funny and profoundly moving. It has opened me up to where I can see and understand where my experience of illness was coming from. All the managing, controlling, struggling and fearful monitoring of symptoms that used to take up all of my time, is melting effortlessly away. I can see how my body has been working tirelessly for me all along, how its intelligence and infinite wisdom has been keeping me safe. Without all that static, my mind is clearer and more peaceful and my body is starting to heal. I’m coming to life again and feel happy to notice how much space is opening up for me to consider doing stuff that I had given up all hope of ever being able to do. I’m more grateful to you than I can say”


Are you a former One to One client or graduate of the Foundations of Health program looking to go deeper?


So you’ve completed some coaching already, and have an idea that chronic resistance to illness and symptoms can create a stress response on the body, that over time can contribute towards towards illness.  You’ve begun to see through that and are settling down about your symptoms, but what about the other areas of your life?

Foundations Advanced broadens the conversation. We look at how a greater understanding of what is behind the human experience can help us to settle down about the other areas of our lives where we can also experience stress and resistance.  These include relationships, finances, creativity and problem solving amongst others.


The massive change in my state of mind has led to a level of clarity, peace and contentment which is beyond anything I could have hoped for.  I’ve experienced more joy, more fun and the greatest sense of calm I’ve felt in years. I have been able to navigate what would otherwise have seemed like some pretty challenging and stressful situations, in both a professional and a personal context, with more grace than I would have thought possible. I cannot recommend John highly enough.


Managing Partner

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Greater Resilience

More Peace

Greater Sense of Connection

More Effortless Creativity

More Natural Problem Solving

Make A Greater And More Positive Impact On Others

In this 8 week online program, we will explore:

1) Setting the scene – going beyond the resistance to our symptoms and our sickness to living a bigger life than we have.

2) Relationships – settling down about being in a relationship and how it only takes one of us to transform existing relationships.

3) Creativity – why creativity isn’t on us, and how we can enter a natural space where creation is effortless

4) Problem solving – resilience and solving difficult problems – how the two are inextricably linked.

5) Being of service – why no-one is really broken, and how seeing that enables us to truly be of service.

6) Surviving and make a living – how much of it is really up to us?

7) Open sessions – content dictated by the needs of the group.

8) Open sessions – content dictated by the needs of the group.

With his warm and engaging conversation John deeply listens but has a knack of pointing you back to where your experience comes from. His style of coaching is tangential to ‘traditional’ styles of coaching and I found my brain being ‘short circuited’ on my first session! But from that place of settled down thinking emerged a beautiful and quiet wisdom. As a direct result I have experienced massive leaps in both my feelings of calm and wellbeing and also in my professional performance. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Katie Duncan

Commercial Airline Pilot



What days do the group calls happen and are they recorded?

The calls take place on Wednesday at 8pm GMT (12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 9pm Europe).  All calls are recorded and will be placed into the private facebook group and the course training page.

Are payment plans available?

In certain cases, it may be possible to setup a payment plan.  Please contact us using the form below.


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