The following audios, videos and blogs feature real people who have worked with JELM Consulting Ltd. (T/A “Breakthrough That” and “Free From Chronic Fatigue”) and their stories are in their own words and are a true and fair representation of both their experiences and others that we have worked with.  It is important to realise, however, that individual results vary, and that the content in the media below is for information purposes only.  It is not suitable material for self-help, and nor is it a substitute for proper medical treatment.  You must NOT change your medical treatment regimen because of any information in the media below, and should always consult your doctor for any medical advice.  By engaging with the information below you are agreeing to certain terms and conditions.  These can be found at



John El-Mokadems’s CFS Breakthrough Story

The Joy Of Being Alive And The Potential For Healing


Podcasts / Videos:

Podcast- The Primal Happiness Show – How I Recovered From Chronic Fatigue (Part One)

Podcast – The Primal Happiness Show – How I Recovered From Chronic Fatigue (Part 2 – With Karen Di Marco)

How To Deal with Physical Symptoms Podcast

Health Anxiety

3PGC Webinar

Alison’s Story

Rebecca’s Story

Natasha’s Story

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