I read an article last week that was all about how to live life like Richard Branson. The premise of the article was that by modelling his behaviours and his psychology, we could improve our performance and the results that we create in the world.

I have the greatest respect for Mr. Branson and find him very inspiring. But I wouldn’t want to live or be like him. In fact I wouldn’t want to try and model my life on anyone.

As someone who has actually tried (several times) to model other’s strategies for success, what I noticed is that it tended to feed the illusion that there was something wrong with me as I am. It seems to me that this isn’t conducive to creating the kind of results that Mr. Branson has. In fact in my experience, I notice it left my mind clogged with a whole lot of noise and often made life feel like an endless struggle as I tried to continually make myself be something different to what I was.

I sometimes describe it to clients like this. Imagine a sunflower seed. And imagine if that sunflower seed could think (humour me if you will). One day that sunflower seed wakes up and sees a palm tree, and says “I want to be like him”. So it tries to do what it can to become a palm tree. Do you think it manages to do this? No. Life kind of says “No, you’re a sunflower seed – you’re job is to be a sunflower”.

Yet what do you think the seeds experience of life is like for all the time it thinks it should be different to how it is? Of course, it suffers!

And this is what we all do. All because of a simple misunderstanding about our true nature, and the nature of our experience. This misunderstanding leads us to continually think we are in charge and that we need to navigate our lives and our circumstances to be whole.

Part of the gift of the Principles, and why people do better when they really start to see the truth behind them, is that they realise more of their true Spiritual nature. As they see more about what’s really true about them, they find themselves more organically settled down. They become less bothered by their thoughts that they need to be something different, because they realise that, right now, they are already what they seek.

It’s the same as the sunflower realising that it is already beautiful and whole as it is.  There is something intelligent that is already growing it perfectly.  It does not need to grow itself.

As it happens, the clear-mindedness that results from being in this space of deep inner security is exactly the space where this intelligence and greater creativity comes through us. It opens us up to possibilities that we might previously have discounted whilst we were too attached to our goals and outcomes.

It is the ideas from this space that enables us to create better results in the world.

I would suggest that this is the space where Mr. Branson’s creativity comes from. We don’t need to model him or live like him to connect to it. It’s actually our true nature. It’s already within us if we know where to look.

with love,

john x

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