Space within UKSo I just finished reading “The Space Within” by my friend and longtime mentor Michael Neill. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t read many books these days. There’s something about the journey that I have been on over the last few years that has calmed down what used to be a voracious and almost desperate need to consume information.

I’ll attribute that general calming down, and the ensuing much deeper feelings of wellbeing that I experience much more frequently than I ever did, to being able to glimpse just that little bit more into The Space Within that Michael points to in this book.

What Michael does in this book is exactly what he did with me when I first started this exploration all those years ago. He helps you park your laundry lists of concerns about your life, just for a moment, and points us back – gently, humorously, humbly, compassionately, elegantly but perhaps above all ‘humanly’- to essential truths about our human experience and existence.

The book feels like a conversation to read, exactly as it did all those years ago when I sat face to face with him and began this exploration into the Three Principles behind the human experience.

And as you sit in this conversation, you start to see something about your essential nature. Truths about who we really are, and how life really works. There’s a sense of exhalation and a weight that lifts off your shoulders, and a sense of relief that really, honest to God, there really is nothing to seek. There’s nothing we have to practice and nothing we have to believe. We are, already, everything that we seek. We are all essentially whole, and there really is nothing to fear. Everything we strive for – connection, creativity, potential, and love – it isn’t out there. We aren’t lacking a strategy or a technique. It’s all already here – in the sacred space that resides with you, me and everything.

I somehow knew all of this on some level. I think we all do. We just lose our way. I am very grateful that I was able to have Michael point me back to the space of ‘Home’, all those years ago. It’s helped me to navigate my highs with more gratitude and my lows with more grace. And as I have settled down, my laundry list doesn’t seem so burdensome anymore, and apparently I am much more able to handle it all far more creatively and lightly than ever before.

So if you are a seeker, but are getting tired of the search, pick up a copy of the Space Within and get into the conversation. This is not a book you have to mine for information or highlight every other word. It’s pointing you to something within you already. So just read it like you would listen to a beautiful piece of music. Let it waft over you. And as you do, you’ll open up to the possibility for it to touch your soul. That’s the space where the gold is. It’s the only direction you need to look in…

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AND Look out for the upcoming Simplicity Session with Michael (to be released Monday 30th at 8am BST) where we be talking more about the Space Within.