We are a team of specialist coaches that help our clients to make huge shifts in their lives or businesses.  We are distinct from other life coaches in that we typically work over a short period, we do not use tools and techniques and aim to produce life changing results.

John El-Mokadem, BSC, MSC- Founder & Master Transformative Coach.

John El-Mokadem is a Breakthrough Coach based in the UK with 14 years’ experience, providing both personal and corporate coaching, training and mentorship services.  John has learned from some of the top success and performance coaches in the world, studying and exploring what enables us to really be at our best, to help guide his clients to make their own breakthroughs.  The transformations John witnesses are often life changing, as clients gain a deeper understanding of how their minds work, enabling them to experience a healthier, happier, more successful and creative life.  John also works on the teaching faculty for Michael Neil’s ‘Supercoach Academy’ to help train the coaches of the future.  Most recently John has conducted a research study to demonstrate the transformative effects of his approach on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Karen Di Marco – Transformative Health Coach

Karen DiMarco, RN, BSN, iRNPA is a healthcare visionary and a catalyst for transforming the way we deliver and conceive of health care and wellbeing. With over 20 years of nursing experience, her work blends functional, integrative medicine and transformational coaching. This targets root causes as opposed to treating symptoms of disease and offers a strengths-based approach to whole person wellbeing. Karen’s own health crisis catalyzed her passion for research and understanding of ‘Radical Remission’ leading to her own healing, and strongly informs the work she does with clients. In addition to serving as a speaker, educator, and transformational coach, she consults with companies and recruits experts from around the globe to implement workplace wellbeing programs, wellness education and coaching. Karen has served on the Governor of Colorado’s Council for Active and Healthy Lifestyles. She is also faculty of the RN Patient Advocacy training program in partnership with the University of Arizona.

Jane Ellis- Transformative Coach.

After training as an NLP Life Coach, Jane was introduced to a new understanding of how life works from the inside out that completely changed her whole approach to coaching. The impact of this understanding was also felt in Jane’s personal life, when in 2017 she hired John El-Mokadem to help her with various personal chronic stress and health issues. Jane followed this up with retreats ran by John and Wynn Morgan and has also been on their mentorship programme for the last year.  Jane has found this work powerfully transformative and she is very keen to help and support others to realise their true nature and gain a deeper understanding of where their experience is really coming from.

Linda El-Mokadem, BSC. Business Development.

Having graduated with a degree in Psychology (Hons) Linda immediately started working for consumer goods giant, Unilever. Starting off in Logistics before moving into sales and marketing functions across many of the companies well-loved brands. Linda left Unilever to move abroad, start a family and focus on various property businesses, and her husbands’ personal coaching practice.  Linda helped John to establish the Breakthrough That brand and now works on developing it further.  She is passionate about making a difference in peoples lives in a profound and authentic way.