The following Videos and Podcasts represent a small snapshot of materials that showcase some of my work.  In the following you will hear a combination of talks / webinars and actual live coaching sessions that cover a range of topics from Health (in particular Chronic Fatigue), Business, Relationships, Creativity, Wellbeing and Spirituality.  I hope you enjoy reading and listening to these and if you are interested to explore further how Breakthrough Coaching could work for you, please feel free to find out more by clicking here – Work With Me.

3PGC Webinar – The Three Principles: At The Heart Of Everything We Seek

3PGC Webinar – An Opportunity To See More

Drop In On A Transformative Conversation

Health Anxiety

A look at what we can see about safety and wellbeing that undoes the need for us to control our symptoms and our health, and which provides a space for us to settle down with ourselves, allowing us to enter a space where healing occurs more naturally and where we don’t need to control what we do to be okay.

Podcast – The Primal Happiness Show – How To Recover From Chronic Fatigue (Part One)

Podcast – The Primal Happiness Show – How To Recover From Chronic Fatigue (Part 2 – With Karen Di Marco)

Podcast – Thriving Beyond Stress and Burnout

Podcast – How To Settle Down To Ease And Calm And Why It’s Important – An Interview With Eoin McCabe

Coaching Sessions From The Born Happy Show

The following podcasts were recorded for the Born Happy Show (now known as the Primal Happiness Podcast). In these recordings, I work with a lovely client called Kate around issues with her relationship. For those of you who are new to the transformative coaching, these recordings give a great taste of how I work with clients. I hope you enjoy listening to them. It was a real privilege to work with this client.

You can listen to the podcasts using the players below.  Alternatively, they are also available on iTunes for download and offline playback.  Here are the links:

Session 1 – How To Handle Relationship Problems.

Session 2 – Does Our Past Create Our Future?

The Simplicity Sessions Podcast

The Simplicity Sessions is a Podcast I recorded with my colleague and fellow Transformative Coach Nicola Bird.  The whole purpose of the podcast was to take the coaching conversation to “real people” and show how relevant it is to the sorts of challenges faced by everyone of us.  The spirit is informal and easygoing, but be warned sometimes there is the odd bit of swearing!

You can browse the episodes available and listen to the podcasts here on this website by clicking on this link and selecting the podcast you want to listen to:

Alternatively for those who would rather listen on iTunes, here is the link:

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